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Forget your cookie-cutter CEOs and predictable authors. Paul Hollis isn't playing by the rules. He's a real-life Jason Bourne with a pen in one hand and a tech edge in the other, weaving pulse-pounding thrillers and building empires that span continents. His journey? A globe-trotting odyssey from clandestine ops to boardroom coups, leaving whispers of intrigue in his wake.

Wanderlust with a Bite: Hollis didn't just travel the world; he devoured it. From bustling Marrakech markets to the icy anonymity of Moscow, he tasted the underbelly, the pulse of power plays and hidden agendas. This insatiable curiosity led him to a career in global intelligence, traversing 55 countries and becoming a master of the shadows.

But the Cold War didn't end for Hollis. He simply traded intel for ink, channeling his experiences into bestselling thrillers published under a pen name. Each page is a heart-pounding journey through the murkier corners of the world, blurring the lines between fiction and a past whispered in code words and clandestine rendezvous.​

Paul Hollis is wearing sunglasses and a dark suit and looking at the left side of the frame. He appears confident and relaxed.

From Page to Empire: Hollis's hunger for adventure didn't fade with retirement. He swapped his spy kit for a pitch deck, founding a thriving publishing company with an uncanny knack for unearthing literary gold. His keen eye for talent and insider knowledge of the global market make his imprint an industry force, leaving competitors scrambling for crumbs.

The Future is Now: While his novels keep readers on the edge of their seats, Hollis is busy shaping the future with his cutting-edge virtual assistant company. His team of virtual assistants isn't just about convenience; they're digital butlers, confidantes, and secret weapons, infused with the street smarts and intuition honed in the shadows.

Paul Hollis isn't just an entrepreneur; he's an enigma. A literary titan with a past shrouded in whispers, a tech visionary blurring the lines between human and machine. He's the mastermind behind page-turning thrillers and multiple successful companies, rewriting the rules of success one chapter at a time.

Ready to dive into his world?

  • Pick up his latest bestseller and experience the adrenaline rush of his past.

  • Visit his publishing company's website and discover the next literary sensation.

  • Meet the future with his virtual assistants and experience the power of a virtual confidante.

​Paul Hollis. Because the most thrilling stories are often the ones waiting to be told.

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