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Book #3

In the turbulent backdrop of the early 70s, Cold War tensions reached their zenith.  A palpable sense of confrontation loomed over every aspect of our lives, shattering the innocence we once held dear. Amid this global turmoil, a cryptic crisis unfurls in Prague, where three of Zita's MI6 comrades meet mysterious deaths, and she finds herself branded with termination on sight orders. In a race against time, an American government analyst known as Doc daringly breaches the Iron Curtain to rescue his partner from Communist forces in Czechoslovakia. Yet, before their escape, they must grapple with the menace of a sadistic serial killer who shadows their every move and thwart the perilous journey of rogue nuclear weapons destined to cross the border into Western Europe.

Joe Congel, Author
"Author Paul Hollis knows his stuff. His world travels and the experiences from that time period have made him uniquely qualified to write about the Cold War. But having the experience doesn’t always mean it will emerge into stories that will hold one’s attention throughout a book… unless the reader is being treated to someone who has a talent for storytelling, and Mr. Hollis is blessed with that talent."
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