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Book #2

In an exhilarating blend of adventure and international intrigue, U.S. field analyst Doc and his partner, Zita, an MI6 agent, are drawn into the harrowing world of espionage where terrorism casts its ugly shadow over innocence.

Victoria Simcox, Author
"Precisely up to its end, this story is impulsive with captivating moments at each bend in the narrative. It is a smart whodunit, page flipper. ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ proclaims a new class of thriller. Doc and Zita are unique, U.S. field experts, pulled into the traumatic realm of undercover activities where terrorism tries to drown out society. You’ll venture into Ireland and England with word depictions that’ll make you feel like you’re along with them in the story. This tale is similarly electrifying as author Paul Hollis’s 1st book, ‘The Hollow Man’. Laden with suspense, mystery and even humor, you don’t want to miss out on this one."
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